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Welcome to the Jewish Humor Forum! (Read Me First!)

Welcome to the Jewish Humor Forum, your new home for the best in Jewish jokes, stand-up, television shows, movies and other funny content. Use this forum to discuss your favorite comedians with others, find new Jewish entertainment and enjoy shareable Jewish memes. Anything humorous is welcome on this forum. Humour with a Jewish touch is always great but this is not a must on the Jewish Humor Forum. If you come across a great Jewish meme, make sure you post it to the Jewish Humor forum. You can attach an image onto an original forum post, or if you find a lot of memes together just post a link in the forum instead to the original post. Make sure you credit the original creator of the joke so others can find more of their work and follow them on other social platforms. We also encourage you to create and share original memes with us! There are many ways to create your own memes, an easy option is using popular meme templates from an online meme-generator such as this one: You can also use other free image editing software such as Canva or Fotor. This forum is all about our great (or bad) Jewish humor. You can use this forum to post video snippets of your favorite stand up, television shows or movies. When you start to think about it, there are so many Jewish people doing amazing things in the world of comedy. There are classic Jewish entertainers such as Larry David, Woody Allen and Andy Samberg to name a few. You can also use this forum to pay tribute to Jewish comedians that are no longer with us. Reminisce on the greats such as Joan Rivers, Jerry Stiller, Groucho Marx and Gene Wilder. You might even know of upcoming Jewish comedy superstars propping up at your local stand-up comedy venue - we highly encourage you to share their work on this forum for the community to enjoy! And if you yourself are the up-coming comedy superstar, please share your stand up with us. The comedy itself doesn’t have to be all about being Jewish, it just needs to be something that would be appreciated by someone with a Jewish background. You can also use this forum to recommend television series and movies in the comedy genre. If you are recommending something, make sure you include a YouTube link to a trailer and let people know where they can watch it. You can also post this on our Movies & TV forum here If you see an entertainer you admire featured on an interview style show or podcast, post a link to the segment or episode in the forum so that other fans can enjoy it! You can also post links to written interviews and press releases about exciting upcoming work from members of the Jewish community. If you see something that makes you laugh on this forum, make sure you give it a thumbs up. You can also share these posts on Facebook or Twitter and bring in more people who will enjoy this forum as much as you! What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think “Jewish comedy” and your own personal sense of humor? Find that video clip/comic/joke and post it to the Jewish Humor forum today and spread the laughter!
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