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Higher education in Israel

The first institutions of higher education in Israel were built in the mid-1920s - the Technion and the Hebrew University. After the founding of the State of Israel in the middle of the twentieth century additional universities were opened: Bar-Ilan University, Tel-Aviv University, Haifa University and Ben-Gurion University in the Negev, the demand for higher education having grown.

Today, in addition to the leading universities already mentioned, Israel has colleges all over the country, so that the total number of institutions at present comes to sixty-two.
The State of Israel strives to strengthen the Jewish consciousness of the Jews remaining in the Diaspora inter alia by enabling the Jews abroad to study at the Israeli institutions of higher education. Israeli universities also permit student exchanges with universities throughout the world. Studying in Israel is an excellent way to strengthen one's relationship with the State of Israel and with the Jewish religion.
There are in Israel a number of programs assisting Jews in the Diaspora to come and study in Israel, like the Massa Program. We have collected up for you the leading Israeli institutions for higher education.