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Your rights in Israel - Israeli bureaucracy

Here you can find important information about Israeli bureaucracy. is a nonprofit website that provides information about different subject and issues in Israel. Just enter your interest in the search form below or choose one of the following subjects.

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Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Autism Blindness and Visual Impairment Cancer Patients Child and Adolescent Health Children with Special Needs Chronic Illness Deafness and Hearing Impairment Dental Care Diabetes Disability Pension and Related Benefits Disabled Child Benefit and Related Benefits Diseases, Syndromes, and Disorders Emergency Medicine Employing a Foreign Nursing Care Worker Employing Foreign Workers Employment of People with Disabilities End of Life Exemptions and Discounts for Health Plan Medical Services Exemptions and Discounts on Medicine Purchases Fertility Treatments General Healthcare Rights Guardianship Health and Illness Health in the School Health Plans - Community Medicine (Kupot Cholim) Health-Related Employee Rights Heart Patients Hospitals - In-Patient and Out-Patient Clinics Housing for People with Disabilities Intellectual Developmental Disabilities Juvenile Diabetes Learning Disabilities and ADD/ADHD Live Organ Donation Long-Term Care Benefit Medical and Rehabilitation Equipment Acquisition Medical Malpractice Mental Health Mobility Benefit Motor Disorders New Immigrants (Olim) Nursing Homes Old Age and Aging Old Age Pension Operation Pillar of Defense - Emergency Portal Operation Protective Edge - Emergency Portal Organ Transplants Outpatient (Ambulatory) Treatment for Mental Health People with Disabilities People with Disabilities/Aid Organizations Post-Mortem Organ Donation (Adi Card) Pregnancy and Childbirth Pregnant and Expectant Students Premature Infants Private Health Insurance Psychiatric Hospitalization Psychological and Emotional Treatment and Care Rights of Foreign Workers Ringworm Victims Road Accident Victims Senior Health Special Education and Integration into Regular Education Special Services Benefit (Attendance Allowance) and Related Benefits Students with Disabilities Supportive Care (Rehabilitation, Long-Term Care, Assisted-Living) The Healthcare Basket Vocational Rehabilitation and Study Assistance Work Accidents and Work Injury Victims Work Disability Work Injury Victims' Families Young People with Disabilities