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Israel & Jewish News - Latest Headlines

news iconNational dialogue project hosts 'meaningful conversations' in sukkot across Israel
Date12:14pm 10/01/2023
news iconA-G: Levin gets own rep for spyware case, but bias claims 'baseless'
Date9:59am 10/01/2023
news iconIDF's Givati Tzabar 'ready for anything' after northern warfare training
Date7:58am 10/01/2023
news iconShufersal cancels deal to set up SPAR supermarkets in Israel
Date7:49am 10/01/2023
news iconIsrael Comm. Min. to attend int'l postal conference without Israel Post rep
Date7:01am 10/01/2023
news iconIsraeli hikers rescued after getting stranded on cliff in the south
Date6:59am 10/01/2023
news iconHerzog visits sukkot of Chief Rabbis ahead of his own sukkah 'open house'
Date6:37am 10/01/2023
news icon'Prayer for religious freedom, unity': Rabbi Leo Dee planning service in TLV
Date6:02am 10/01/2023
news iconHidden Philanthropists: Film unveils secret behind $500 M gift to BGU
Date5:57am 10/01/2023
news iconIsraeli hi-tech: 20% drop in Q3 investments
Date5:25am 10/01/2023
news iconMK Arye Deri's $5,000 etrog raises legal questions
Date4:48am 10/01/2023
news iconIsrael must heed A-G on gender segregation, interior minister says
Date3:38am 10/01/2023
news icon'Detached from Israel, Zionism': National Library swaps logo amid public fury
Date3:32am 10/01/2023
news iconIsraeli prison guard was sexually assaulted by jailed terrorist, lawyer says
Date2:13am 10/01/2023
news iconClose to two million Israelis currently ineligible for US visa waiver
Date1:29am 10/01/2023
news iconUnknown soldier no longer: War of Independence fighter's body identified
Date12:02am 10/01/2023
news iconAbandoned boat with Somalian belongings found on Israeli shore
Date11:59pm 09/30/2023
news iconIsraeli man attempts to sacrifice sheep on Temple Mount
Date11:27pm 09/30/2023
news iconIsrael is fighting a holy war on Judaism, ultra-Orthodox leader claims
Date10:54pm 09/30/2023
news iconOperatic extravaganza unveiled at 2023 Salzburg Festival
Date5:34pm 09/30/2023
news icon‘Survivors’ fuses with on-stage diversity
Date5:31pm 09/30/2023
news iconIsraeli soccer fans injured, others detained by police after Saturday games
Date4:20pm 09/30/2023
news iconIsrael Police forge new collaborations with ultra-Orthodox communities
Date4:09pm 09/30/2023
news iconThe Casa Boutique Hotel: Savta-chic in Nahariya
Date3:08pm 09/30/2023
news iconIsrael: A land of ‘milk and luxury’
Date2:57pm 09/30/2023
news iconUnited Hatzalah kicks off 18th year with ceremony at Beit Hanassi
Date12:51pm 09/30/2023
news iconOne dead, several seriously wounded in fight between Eritreans in Netanya
Date12:28pm 09/30/2023
news iconWhat were some of the most impactful court cases of the year?
Date11:46am 09/30/2023
news iconIsraelis block Ayalon highways in judicial reform protests
Date11:01am 09/30/2023
news iconDiscovering Arabic music, harnessing Jewish piyutim
Date7:30am 09/30/2023
news iconIn Chicago, a Black-led church and a Jewish community are addressing painful history through a Sukkot festival
Date11:23am 09/29/2023
news iconMemorials to Ukrainian Nazi allies in Detroit, Philadelphia enter spotlight after Canadian Parliament scandal
Date7:30am 09/29/2023
news iconTed Deutch left Congress to head a Jewish organization. Can he find the ‘nuance’ that he seeks?
Date7:00am 09/29/2023
news iconDianne Feinstein, long-serving Jewish senator from California, dies at 90
Date6:03am 09/29/2023
news iconElon Musk, in live chat with right-leaning Jews, insists antisemitism isn’t a problem on X
Date1:16pm 09/28/2023
news iconMan in Peru charged with making recent bomb threats to US synagogues, FBI says
Date9:49am 09/28/2023
news iconBiden expands Civil Rights Act protections at 8 cabinet departments to include antisemitism
Date7:32am 09/28/2023
news iconIsrael, prominent in first GOP presidential debate, gets no mention in second
Date4:38am 09/28/2023
news iconRice University LGBTQ group cuts ties with campus Hillel over support for Israel
Date5:08pm 09/27/2023
news iconThe New Jews of Show Low, Arizona: How a pastor parted with Jesus and led his congregation to Judaism
Date11:00am 09/27/2023
news iconThis university helps Orthodox students make it big without compromising their religion
Date9:16am 09/27/2023
news iconUS lets Israel into Visa Waiver Program, easing travel for Israeli citizens
Date6:58am 09/27/2023
news iconDaniel Lurie, Jewish Levi Strauss heir and philanthropist, is running for San Francisco mayor
Date4:14am 09/27/2023
news iconMore than 120 Jewish activists call on advertisers and app stores to drop Twitter/X
Date7:10pm 09/26/2023
news icon​​Biden’s new book ban czar is a longtime progressive Jewish leader
Date3:06pm 09/26/2023
news iconOhio high school football coach resigns after players use ‘Nazi’ in play calls
Date2:56pm 09/26/2023
news iconA suburban NJ megamall is offering gender-segregated swimming to accommodate its Orthodox clientele
Date9:00am 09/26/2023
news iconMeeting between Jewish leaders and Benjamin Netanyahu broaches judicial overhaul — and gets personal
Date6:50am 09/24/2023
news icon50 years after the Yom Kippur War, veterans see echoes in Israel’s current crisis
Date2:15pm 09/22/2023
news iconWho is Siggy Flicker, the ‘Real Housewife’ behind Trump’s Rosh Hashanah message condemning ‘liberal Jews’?
Date11:22am 09/22/2023
news iconWorld War I in the Holy Land: Microbes and Bacteria Were the Deadliest Enemies
Date1:29am 09/14/2023
news iconExtremist Islam Challenges Fatah in Lebanon
Date7:17am 09/11/2023
news iconHussein al-Sheikh Aims for Deputy Role under Mahmoud Abbas
Date12:08am 09/06/2023
news iconThe Survival of the PA despite the Failure of the Oslo Accords
Date5:51am 09/05/2023
news iconHizbullah’s Increased Activity among Arab Israelis Intensifies the Security Risks Israel Faces
Date4:56am 08/29/2023
news iconThe Deadly Militia “Spotters” of Jenin
Date12:19am 08/28/2023
news iconThe Forgotten Arabs of Al Ahwaz: A Century-Old Struggle for Liberation from Iran
Date3:16am 08/21/2023
news iconHamas Begins to Establish a Rocket Production Infrastructure in Jenin
Date12:37am 08/21/2023
news iconHizbullah Leader Hassan Nasrallah’s Rattles Sabers Against Israel
Date11:47pm 08/16/2023
news iconPalestinian Militias in Jenin Deployed Teenage Girls to Report on Israeli Troop Movements during Combat
Date4:41am 08/16/2023
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