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Israel & Jewish News - Latest Headlines

news iconHolocaust Survivor Decries ‘Abuse’ of Yellow Star at COVID Protests
Date5:02pm 01/27/2022
news iconThe New York Times ‘Gets’ It Wrong Again
Date4:54pm 01/27/2022
news iconIsrael Said to Prepare Diplomatic Campaign to Discredit UN Inquiry
Date4:24pm 01/27/2022
news iconBiden and Harris meet with Holocaust survivors to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day
Date4:06pm 01/27/2022
news iconQatar’s Top Envoy Visits Iran as Tehran and Washington Consider Direct Nuclear Talks
Date2:58pm 01/27/2022
news iconAuthor of Acclaimed Holocaust Graphic Novel ‘Maus’ Denounces Tennessee School Board’s Ban as ‘Orwellian’
Date2:34pm 01/27/2022
news iconBarnes & Noble removes ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ from its site
Date2:26pm 01/27/2022
news iconActress Learns of Family Ties to Holocaust for the First Time in New Episode of Genealogy Series
Date2:13pm 01/27/2022
news iconPortraits of Seven Holocaust Survivors Go on Display at Buckingham Palace
Date1:20pm 01/27/2022
news iconMexican History Teacher Dismissed for Assigning Nazi Salutes in Class, Dressing Up as Hitler
Date1:17pm 01/27/2022
news iconReporting for Reuters: Journalist Stated Israel Practices ‘Apartheid’ and Is ‘Built on Jewish Supremacy’
Date12:59pm 01/27/2022
news icon‘The Jews Have Not Surrendered’: Austria Apologizes for Nazi Crimes as Lapid Honors Grandfather Killed at Mauthausen Camp
Date12:53pm 01/27/2022
news iconTikTok adds new features to direct users to reliable information on the Holocaust
Date3:00am 01/27/2022
news iconTennessee school board removes ‘Maus,’ iconic Holocaust book, from its curriculum
Date11:58pm 01/26/2022
news iconFeds arrest man who allegedly sold gun to Texas synagogue hostage-taker
Date6:10pm 01/26/2022
news iconPfizer CEO Albert Bourla, son of Holocaust survivors, is working to preserve Jewish history
Date4:33pm 01/26/2022
news iconWhite House Holocaust council appointees include many with deep ties to advocacy for survivors
Date3:49pm 01/26/2022
news iconJewish groups, including Reform and Reconstructionist movements, decry Congress’ ‘Torah Values Caucus’ as ‘misguided’
Date2:59pm 01/26/2022
news iconJewish Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is retiring
Date12:54pm 01/26/2022
news iconIDF chief: Combat motivation up among new intake – excepting high-income groups
Date9:04am 01/26/2022
news iconUK holds two suspects in Texas synagogue hostage incident
Date8:53am 01/26/2022
news iconRussia posts patrols at Latakia – 2nd impediment to Israel air strikes over Syria
Date8:38am 01/26/2022
news iconRBG’s library is being auctioned online and includes more than 30 books about Jewish topics
Date5:52am 01/26/2022
news iconFlyers saying Jews have a ‘COVID agenda’ resurface in Florida and California
Date2:55pm 01/25/2022
news iconRFK Jr. curbs his enthusiasm for COVID Holocaust analogies following prompt from wife Cheryl Hines
Date2:51pm 01/25/2022
news iconBoston art museum will return 17th-century painting to heirs of its pre-WWII Jewish owner
Date2:43pm 01/25/2022
news iconIran Pushing to Increase Ballistic Missile Range to Cover Europe
Date6:56am 01/25/2022
news iconADL and 6 other Jewish orgs denounce ‘ongoing terrorism’ by Jewish Israeli extremists
Date6:00am 01/25/2022
news iconThree members quit US team for nuclear talks with Iran – report
Date4:03am 01/25/2022
news iconSome 8,500 US troops on high alert amid Ukraine crisis
Date3:55am 01/25/2022
news iconMichael Steinhardt’s looted Israeli antiquity came from same caves his donations helped preserve
Date2:23pm 01/24/2022
news iconUS-Israel air operations over Syria restricted by new joint Russia-Syria air patrols
Date11:03am 01/24/2022
news iconUS-Russia Ukraine tensions peak: 5,000 US troops for E. Europe, US mulls sanctions to hit Russian smartphones
Date10:22am 01/24/2022
news iconFormer Supreme Court President Miriam Naor dies aged 74
Date4:58am 01/24/2022
news iconRFK Jr. invokes Anne Frank at DC anti-vaxx rally
Date2:59am 01/24/2022
news iconRabbi Simcha Krauss, ‘gentle giant’ who fought for women’s rights in Orthodoxy, dies at 85
Date9:57am 01/23/2022
news iconRabbi Angela Buchdahl details call with Texas gunman in ‘Captives of Hope’ sermon
Date8:13pm 01/22/2022
news iconUS embassy families to leave Ukraine as Russia boosts border forces with Iskander-M missiles
Date1:55pm 01/22/2022
news iconTop US security officials to US Jews: Colleyville was a ‘terrorist attack on Jewish community’
Date3:06pm 01/21/2022
news iconAfter 18 years, Ann Arbor condemns weekly synagogue protesters as antisemitic
Date3:01pm 01/21/2022
news iconBiden nods to “minor” Russian incursion of Ukraine. Blinken hastens to clarify
Date1:56pm 01/20/2022
news iconThe Palestinian Authority Is Losing Control of the Jenin Region
Date9:42am 01/13/2022
news iconHamas and the Muslim Brotherhood Seek to Shake Stability on Both Sides of the Jordan River
Date2:08am 01/13/2022
news iconThe Other (Ugly) Face of Lebanon
Date4:44am 01/05/2022
news iconBashar Assad’s Dangerous Game
Date3:29am 01/02/2022
news iconDid Iran Mistakenly Admit that a Sought-After Revolutionary Guard Commander Was Disguised as a Diplomat?
Date3:36am 12/29/2021
news iconIran Accelerates Its Space Program as It Prepares a Ballistic Missile for a Satellite Launch
Date6:53am 12/15/2021
news iconHamas Is Preparing to Attack Israel from Southern Lebanon
Date3:18am 12/13/2021
news iconExpansionist Iran Might Launch a New Pearl Harbor in the Middle East
Date2:42am 12/12/2021
news iconThe Phenomenon of Lone Palestinian Terrorists
Date11:33am 12/08/2021
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