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Israel & Jewish News - Latest Headlines

news iconA Book of Psalms saved a victim's life in Jerusalem terror attack
Date9:13pm 11/28/2022
news iconWest Bank Reaching ‘Boiling Point’ Says UN Mideast Envoy
Date7:46pm 11/28/2022
news iconTrump’s former antisemitism envoy calls Trump out for meeting with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes
Date6:22pm 11/28/2022
news iconIDF Says 500 Terrorist Attacks Thwarted This Year
Date5:56pm 11/28/2022
news icon'The Chabadnikim': A 'Book of Morman'-esque play in Tel Aviv - review
Date3:58pm 11/28/2022
news iconNew York Times Gaza Fish Tale Has “Important Details Missing,” Israeli Army Says
Date3:40pm 11/28/2022
news icon55% of Israelis want IDF to kill terrorists who are no longer a threat - poll
Date3:27pm 11/28/2022
news iconAntisemitic Books Pushing ‘Ritual Murder’ Myth On Display At Prestigious Fair in Poland
Date2:05pm 11/28/2022
news iconWhat will Avi Maoz taking over Nativ mean for former Soviet Union Jews?
Date1:50pm 11/28/2022
news iconFormer gov’t official: Filber blocked us from acting for the public interest
Date1:49pm 11/28/2022
news icon‘Pure Evil’: Trump Critics, Allies Condemn Former President’s Dinner With Jew Haters
Date1:40pm 11/28/2022
news iconNaftali Bennett: Israel's former PM now drumming up business abroad - comment
Date12:12pm 11/28/2022
news iconIsrael Police, FBI officials call for more aggressive crime tech laws
Date11:44am 11/28/2022
news icon‘You Filthy People:’ German Jewish Soccer Team Subjected to Nazi Salutes Following Victory Over Local Rivals
Date11:18am 11/28/2022
news iconFBI contacts victim of Palestinian terror bombing in Jerusalem
Date10:17am 11/28/2022
news iconIsraeli violence against Palestinians, IDF skyrockets in West Bank
Date10:00am 11/28/2022
news iconAnti-Israel Activists and Human Sacrifice
Date9:44am 11/28/2022
news iconNetanyahu 'a criminal' trying to reform Israel's courts - Lapid
Date9:23am 11/28/2022
news iconTrump’s Jewish Supporters Must Condemn and Disavow Him
Date9:17am 11/28/2022
news iconThere Is No Moral Justification for Israel’s Self-Destruction
Date9:12am 11/28/2022
news iconThe Qatar World Cup: Soccer Upsets, Politics, and Sensitive Situations
Date9:06am 11/28/2022
news iconDermer as FM would be poke in the eye to Biden - former US ambassador
Date9:02am 11/28/2022
news iconAlmost 40% of female prison guards were sexually harassed - Comptroller
Date9:00am 11/28/2022
news iconTower of David becomes accessible for people with disabilities
Date7:38am 11/28/2022
news iconBen-Gvir, Shas criticize Smotrich for refusal to replace Knesset speaker
Date7:11am 11/28/2022
news iconLeonard Cohen’s Yom Kippur War tour to become TV drama
Date6:54am 11/28/2022
news iconLatvian President Egils Levits on his state visit to Israel
Date6:44am 11/28/2022
news iconOne dead, 12 injured in car accidents across Israel
Date5:32am 11/28/2022
news iconOver half Israelis think new coalition doesn't have solution to terrorism - poll
Date4:29am 11/28/2022
news iconMan sentenced to 10 years for attempted lynch during Guardian of the Walls
Date4:02am 11/28/2022
news iconTiran kidnapping: 3 Druze IDF soldiers throw explosive at Palestinian house
Date3:51am 11/28/2022
news iconTrump’s dinner with a Holocaust denier draws rare criticism from some of his Jewish allies
Date11:05pm 11/27/2022
news iconGov't leaders, LGBTQ+ groups fume over Netanyahu-Avi Maoz agreement
Date10:38pm 11/27/2022
news iconIsraeli crime boss' nephew shot dead, police fear revenge killing
Date10:23pm 11/27/2022
news iconIsrael Police is ‘antisemitic’, says Ben-Gvir's chief-of-staff pick - report
Date7:24pm 11/27/2022
news iconWe're on the brink of civil war between Jews and Arabs, warns Acre mayor
Date3:17pm 11/27/2022
news iconLange, Astle win IRONMAN titles in Tiberias; Alterman fastest Israeli
Date2:44pm 11/27/2022
news iconYair Lapid, Tzipi Livni to testify against Benjamin Netanyahu
Date11:53am 11/27/2022
news iconAdi Mizrahi admits to murdering Yuri Volkov in Holon road rage
Date11:31am 11/27/2022
news iconJerusalem businessman, diplomat Werner Loval dies at 96
Date10:42am 11/27/2022
news iconFather of soldier suspended for Hebron brutality calls son 'hero'
Date9:53am 11/27/2022
news iconIsrael selects its 2023 Rhodes Scholars-elect
Date9:04am 11/27/2022
news iconHow many Hebrew Israelites are there, and how worried should Jews be?
Date6:16pm 11/25/2022
news iconTrump hosts Kanye West and prominent antisemite Nick Fuentes at Mar-a-Lago
Date2:01pm 11/25/2022
news iconIn ‘Mapping Jewish San Francisco,’ a treasure trove of Bay Area Jewish history goes on display
Date10:00am 11/25/2022
news iconAn Arizona man who wished ‘death to all Jews’ killed his professor. A Jewish security consultant says he could have been stopped.
Date6:08pm 11/23/2022
news iconJewish community groups host Afghan, Ukrainian evacuees for Thanksgiving meals
Date5:41pm 11/23/2022
news iconFor the Republican Jews whose Vegas confab kicked off the 2024 primary, Trump was always present
Date6:29pm 11/22/2022
news iconShalom Hartman Institute hires ex-Ramah Berkshires director for education position
Date5:03pm 11/21/2022
news icon‘Put in Ryan!’: Orthodox NBA hopeful Ryan Turell’s fanbase turns up in Detroit
Date3:22pm 11/21/2022
news iconAs Kyrie Irving offers ‘deep apologies’ and returns to Nets, Black Hebrew Israelites rally in Brooklyn
Date2:03pm 11/21/2022
news iconWelcome to the new Twitter: Kanye West returns with ‘shalom’ and Elon Musk trolls the ADL
Date8:01pm 11/20/2022
news iconBrandeis U reeling after bus accident leaves 1 student dead, dozens injured; Jewish students hold vigils
Date7:58pm 11/20/2022
news iconSteny Hoyer, longtime pro-Israel Democrat, steps down from House leadership role
Date7:12am 11/20/2022
news iconNetanyahu to Republican Jews: My controversial 2015 speech in Congress led to Abraham Accords
Date7:10am 11/20/2022
news iconAs Elon Musk polled users, Donald Trump tells Jewish Republicans he sees ‘no reason’ to go back to Twitter
Date9:10pm 11/19/2022
news iconAddressing Jewish Republicans, Kevin McCarthy promises to yank Ilhan Omar from House Foreign Affairs Committee
Date8:53pm 11/19/2022
news iconAs Jewish Republicans gather, Ron DeSantis is a star attraction while Donald Trump Zooms in
Date2:56pm 11/18/2022
news iconHenry Rosovsky, refugee from the Nazis who shaped Harvard University, dies at 95
Date9:38am 11/18/2022
news iconFrom bat mitzvah guest to backer of Israel in Congress: Nancy Pelosi’s Jewish journey
Date5:38pm 11/17/2022
news iconPalestinian Terrorism Is Getting Stronger in the Northern West Bank
Date8:02am 11/15/2022
news iconWhy Ivy League Schools Get an “F” on Campus Antisemitism
Date8:43am 11/10/2022
news iconDiplomatic Invective: UN Takes Its War on Israel to Next Level
Date4:34am 11/06/2022
news iconLies and Unapologetic Antisemitism from the UN “Commission of Inquiry”
Date6:53pm 11/05/2022
news iconNew UN Commission of Inquiry Report a Masterpiece of Modern Antisemitism
Date7:46am 10/23/2022
news iconWhy a Two-State Solution Won’t Work
Date5:22am 10/09/2022
news iconIsrael’s Ongoing Role in the Struggle over Mediterranean Natural Gas
Date8:19am 09/13/2022
news iconTehran’s Mounting Violations of the Iran Deal and Its Accelerating March to A Nuclear Weapons Arsenal
Date8:09am 09/08/2022
news iconMahmoud Abbas Fears an Armed Intifada in the West Bank
Date11:02am 09/07/2022
news iconAmnesty International: Hypocrisy and Double Standards
Date6:05am 09/01/2022
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