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Israel & Jewish News - Latest Headlines

news iconCars torched, rocks thrown as settlers, Palestinians clash in Huwara
Date5:17am 03/28/2023
news iconJordan offers 'sins of the Nakba' tours in west Jerusalem
Date4:38am 03/28/2023
news iconGov. Ron DeSantis announces Israel visit, to speak at JPost conference
Date3:38am 03/28/2023
news iconState Attorney reopens Gilboa Prison 'pimping affair' case
Date3:19am 03/28/2023
news iconBill that enables hospitals to ban hametz on Passover passes into law
Date3:11am 03/28/2023
news iconMost Israelis want a Jewish and democratic state, JPPI finds
Date3:02am 03/28/2023
news iconThousands of dollars in cash stolen from tourist in Haifa
Date2:11am 03/28/2023
news iconJudicial reform bill on Knesset table, drawing opposition criticism
Date1:59am 03/28/2023
news iconWhat are the Palestinians saying about the crisis in Israel?
Date1:57am 03/28/2023
news iconIsrael protests: Journalists, Arab taxi driver attacked by right-wingers
Date1:55am 03/28/2023
news iconIsrael's gov't parties announce teams for judicial reform negotiations
Date11:29pm 03/27/2023
news iconNetanyahu-led coalition would lose majority if elections held now - poll
Date10:58pm 03/27/2023
news iconFiring Gallant was Netanyahu’s Nixon moment - analysis
Date4:14pm 03/27/2023
news iconGeorge Washington U clears professor of antisemitism charges brought by pro-Israel group
Date2:33pm 03/27/2023
news iconPedestrian injured in attack on Arab taxi driver
Date2:05pm 03/27/2023
news iconBiden Administration Welcomes Pause on Israeli Judicial Reform Package After Chaotic Day in Israel
Date1:54pm 03/27/2023
news iconThe Limits of Acting in ‘Good Faith’
Date1:51pm 03/27/2023
news iconBryn Mawr College Removing Antisemite’s Name from Building
Date1:50pm 03/27/2023
news iconNew exhibition, 'In favor of illusion' offers new perspective of Uri Lifshitz's work
Date1:43pm 03/27/2023
news iconBenny Gantz urges Netanyahu to keep Gallant at his post
Date1:12pm 03/27/2023
news iconCaesarea named best cultural and archaeological tourist site
Date1:01pm 03/27/2023
news iconOpposition split on how to handle Netanyahu's judicial reform freeze
Date12:32pm 03/27/2023
news iconFIFA U-20 World Cup Draw in Indonesia Postponed Amid Issues Over Israel’s Participation
Date11:34am 03/27/2023
news icon‘Why Is Hillel Here?’: San Francisco University Denounces Antisemitism After Criticism of Jewish Organization
Date11:14am 03/27/2023
news iconKanye West Says He Now ‘Likes Jewish People Again’ After Watching Film Starring Jewish Actor Jonah Hill
Date11:09am 03/27/2023
news iconMeet the Jewish teens whose social media experience is better than you think
Date11:06am 03/27/2023
news iconIsraeli Diplomatic Outposts in US Closed, Biden Admin Calls for Compromise Amid Israel Judicial Crisis
Date11:01am 03/27/2023
news iconWhat are the security consequences of Gallant’s firing? - analysis
Date11:01am 03/27/2023
news iconIs volunteering for IDF reserve duty cratering or stable? - analysis
Date10:22am 03/27/2023
news iconPolish Deputy FM says Israel consulted on judicial overhaul, then backtracked
Date9:44am 03/27/2023
news iconReligious Zionist rabbis call on students to protest for judicial reform
Date9:35am 03/27/2023
news iconThe IDF Must Be Kept Out of the Political Debate
Date9:17am 03/27/2023
news iconThe New Freud Revival Can Only Be Good for the Jews
Date9:01am 03/27/2023
news iconWhat the Palestinian Terrorist’s Mother Told Him…
Date8:38am 03/27/2023
news iconBen-Gvir gets National Guard in exchange for support of judicial reform delay
Date8:26am 03/27/2023
news iconIn pictures: Judicial reform protests continue, airport shuts down
Date8:21am 03/27/2023
news iconPetition for Netanyahu’s removal from office rejected by High Court
Date5:45am 03/27/2023
news iconSettler leaders reject anti-reform strike, Efrat mayor calls for referendum
Date5:26am 03/27/2023
news icon‘Leftist traitors’: Thousands protest in support of judicial reform
Date5:14am 03/27/2023
news iconNetanyahu to Fox News: Judicial overhaul won’t give Knesset unlimited power
Date4:52am 03/27/2023
news iconArabic-speaking users celebrate Israeli chaos online
Date4:13am 03/27/2023
news iconIsrael Democracy Institute holds emergency conference in light of judicial reforms
Date2:20am 03/27/2023
news iconWhite House expresses ‘deep concern’ after Netanyahu fires his defense minister
Date7:36pm 03/26/2023
news iconCalling Netanyahu’s latest move ‘dangerous,’ Israel’s top diplomat in New York resigns
Date3:24pm 03/26/2023
news iconHistoric Israel-Africa-Arab Conference in Jerusalem on March 27, 2023
Date5:56am 03/26/2023
news iconKanye West: ‘Watching Jonah Hill in 21 Jump street made me like Jewish people again’
Date7:03pm 03/25/2023
news iconMajor Jewish groups urge US rugby team to withdraw from South African tournament that excluded Israel
Date11:28am 03/24/2023
news iconConnecticut College president says she will resign following protests over planned fundraiser at golf club with antisemitic past
Date10:27am 03/24/2023
news iconJewish teen sinks putts and breaks down barriers on a Lutheran school’s golf team
Date9:22am 03/24/2023
news iconAll the Jewish MLB players to watch in 2023
Date7:14am 03/24/2023
news iconAcknowledging ‘reputational risk,’ ADL chief defends partnership with undemocratic United Arab Emirates
Date2:04pm 03/23/2023
news iconADL reports massive increase in antisemitic incidents in 2022
Date3:59am 03/23/2023
news iconIn rare move, Biden administration rebukes Israel for repealing 2005 West Bank settlement evacuation
Date6:55pm 03/22/2023
news iconA fifth question this Passover: what makes Trader Joe’s matzah different from all other matzah?
Date1:20pm 03/22/2023
news iconA Florida bill attacking ‘critical theory’ in higher education has the state’s Jewish academics worried
Date1:05pm 03/22/2023
news iconUnique Carnegie Hall concert to honor Japanese diplomat Sugihara, who saved 6,000 Jews
Date12:32pm 03/22/2023
news iconIsrael’s Pre-emptive Offensive Against Palestinian Islamic Jihad
Date6:57am 03/22/2023
news iconInside the auction house driving the rare-book craze in the Orthodox world
Date11:25am 03/21/2023
news iconTrump’s calls for protests condemn George Soros, echo Jan. 6 — and draw Jewish concern
Date3:19pm 03/20/2023
news iconA Florida bill banning ‘ethnic intimidation’ flyers aims to stop the state’s neo-Nazi rise
Date3:18pm 03/17/2023
news iconFar-right Israeli minister finds enemy in JDC, the mainstream American Jewish aid group
Date1:43pm 03/17/2023
news iconFor the first time, Democrats sympathize more with the Palestinians than with Israel, poll finds
Date1:26pm 03/16/2023
news iconThe Axis of Resistance Led by Iran Threatens Israel during Ramadan
Date6:04am 03/16/2023
news iconThe Perplexing Iran Policy of the EU
Date1:05am 03/15/2023
news iconThe Illusion of a Lebanese State
Date12:44am 03/15/2023
news iconAmerican-Israeli Military Coordination and the Possibility of Regional Escalation
Date2:01pm 03/08/2023
news iconAnti-Terror Campaign in Nablus Portends a Major New Palestinian Challenge
Date3:59am 02/26/2023
news iconThe New Honeymoon between Israel and Turkey
Date12:00am 02/20/2023
news iconThe Phenomenon of Palestinian Teen Terrorists
Date11:53pm 02/18/2023
news iconMahmoud Abbas Rejects Efforts of Biden Administration to Secure Quiet
Date12:20am 02/15/2023
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