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Israel & Jewish News - Latest Headlines

news iconRabbi Leo Dee to Arutz Sheva: 'Oct. 7th woke us up, we are in a time of redemption'
Date1:42pm 04/12/2024
news iconIDF: Two Hezbollah explosive UAVs were intercepted
Date1:41pm 04/12/2024
news iconIDF updates: At least 40 rockets were fired from Lebanon, some were intercepted
Date1:37pm 04/12/2024
news iconIDF Spokesperson: We are prepared for an attack
Date1:29pm 04/12/2024
news iconBarrage on the north: At least 50 rockets fired from Lebanon
Date1:26pm 04/12/2024
news iconProtesters call for continuation of war against Hamas
Date1:11pm 04/12/2024
news iconIDF Chief of Staff: The IDF is strongly prepared against any threat
Date1:11pm 04/12/2024
news iconWATCH: Analysts speculate on method of ‘imminent’ Iranian response
Date1:03pm 04/12/2024
news iconFormer Israeli commander highlights necessary improvements for Gaza border defense
Date12:59pm 04/12/2024
news iconIsraelis on Edge as Iranian Threat to Attack Looms
Date12:56pm 04/12/2024
news iconSirens in northern Israel
Date12:56pm 04/12/2024
news iconIDF chief says Israel as prepared as US mobilizes more force to region
Date12:52pm 04/12/2024
news iconReportedly imminent Iran attack on Israel is viable threat, White House says
Date12:45pm 04/12/2024
news iconIsrael signs agreement with South American soccer federation, paving way for elite competition
Date12:41pm 04/12/2024
news iconWomen’s enlistment numbers surge after Oct. 7th
Date12:34pm 04/12/2024
news iconSirens in northern Israel
Date12:32pm 04/12/2024
news iconWATCH: Congressman Goldman – ‘We must get the hostages home’
Date12:01pm 04/12/2024
news iconIDF chief: 'We are prepared, closely monitoring happening in Iran'
Date11:58am 04/12/2024
news icon‘The Nazis Did Not Win!’: 100-Year-Old Auschwitz Survivor Becomes Great-Great-Grandmother
Date11:52am 04/12/2024
news iconIsraeli high-tech staying strong, despite post-Oct. 7th challenges
Date11:51am 04/12/2024
news iconAcademy Museum of Motion Pictures Opens Permanent Exhibit About Jewish Founders of Hollywood
Date11:46am 04/12/2024
news iconShabbat Shalom from Israel!
Date11:40am 04/12/2024
news iconIvy League falls short for Jewish students, according to new ADL ‘report card’
Date11:38am 04/12/2024
news iconWATCH: Revolutionary Israeli tech drastically improves shooting accuracy
Date11:24am 04/12/2024
news iconEuropean Parliament denounces UNRWA role in inciting violence, antisemitism
Date10:59am 04/12/2024
news iconHamas confesses that one-third of the death count is missing data
Date10:59am 04/12/2024
news iconSinging and dancing: Injured soldier Ari Shpitz leaves the ICU
Date10:57am 04/12/2024
news iconNew York Times Bares Anti-Israel Bias in Dispatch From Berlin
Date10:55am 04/12/2024
news iconRape Deniers: Evidence of Hamas Sexual Assault Ignored Despite Proof (Part Three)
Date10:54am 04/12/2024
news iconHow Ramban Can Offer Hope in Dark Times for Israel’s Future
Date10:52am 04/12/2024
news iconHow Anti-Zionist Faculty Captured a University of California Campus and What It Means for the Future of Jews in America
Date10:41am 04/12/2024
news iconWhy Bravery Is Required to Fight for Israel — and It Comes From the Soul
Date10:37am 04/12/2024
news iconIran may attack Israel within 24-48 hours – here are the scenarios
Date10:30am 04/12/2024
news iconEU Sanctions Hamas Wings Over Sexual Violence on Oct. 7
Date10:29am 04/12/2024
news iconIDF on high alert to respond to Iranian attack
Date10:29am 04/12/2024
news iconAs Iran threatens attack, US reaffirms ‘ironclad’ support for Israel
Date10:20am 04/12/2024
news iconIsraeli Arab indicted after plotting to contaminate the Sea of Galilee
Date10:18am 04/12/2024
news iconUN refugee chief says outflow of Gazans into Egypt would make war resolution impossible
Date10:17am 04/12/2024
news iconGallant to US general: 'Our enemies will not divide us'
Date10:14am 04/12/2024
news iconArgentina Court Blames Iran for Deadly 1994 Bombing of Jewish Center
Date10:08am 04/12/2024
news icon'Biden knows Netanyahu played him,' senior Senator says
Date10:02am 04/12/2024
news iconConvert to Islam planned terror attacks on 21 Idaho churches during Ramadan
Date9:37am 04/12/2024
news iconA Mostly Peaceful Castration: CNN Eulogizes a Terrorist
Date9:25am 04/12/2024
news iconSirens sound on the border with Lebanon after a 48 hour lull
Date9:11am 04/12/2024
news iconUS officials say Iran to launch 100 drones, dozens of missiles, report
Date9:08am 04/12/2024
news iconUS officials say Iran could attack with 100 drones on Friday, report
Date8:51am 04/12/2024
news iconHebrew language Olympiad celebrates record participation in its third year
Date8:44am 04/12/2024
news iconIran's missile capability and Israel's ability to defend against it
Date8:40am 04/12/2024
news iconLashon Hara – Parshat Tazria
Date8:08am 04/12/2024
news iconPM to consult with security chiefs ahead of potential Iran strike
Date7:43am 04/12/2024
news iconIsrael’s Tech Sector Shows Resilience Despite Challenges Post-Oct. 7
Date6:41am 04/12/2024
news iconMachetes in home of German teen plotting ISIS terror attack
Date6:28am 04/12/2024
news iconFrance warns citizens against travel to Iran, Lebanon Israel and West Bank
Date6:08am 04/12/2024
news iconGrapevine: Making Seder
Date6:02am 04/12/2024
news iconGrapevine April 12, 2024: Farewell but not goodbye
Date6:01am 04/12/2024
news icone-Edition: April 12, 2024
Date6:00am 04/12/2024
news iconEuropean Parliament condemns UNRWA, PA for antisemitism, Incitement
Date5:08am 04/12/2024
news iconStarting A New Chapter
Date4:55am 04/12/2024
news iconThe People’s Talmud Presents: Daf Yomi Brain Teasers: Baba Metzia 44
Date4:54am 04/12/2024
news iconHostage families: Israel has no future if we don't bring them home
Date4:29am 04/12/2024
news iconSix Months Later, Couple Who Survived Nova Massacre Has a Baby
Date4:13am 04/12/2024
news iconIsraeli Protesters Demand IDF Victory at Jerusalem Rally
Date4:09am 04/12/2024
news iconArgentina court blames Iran for deadly 1994 bombing of Jewish center
Date3:53am 04/12/2024
news iconUN Fails to Distribute Aid as IDF has Water Lines Repaired in Gaza
Date3:43am 04/12/2024
news iconAustin angered US not warned before Israel kills IRGC commander, report
Date3:37am 04/12/2024
news icon‘Psychological Warfare’: Hamas Admits Incomplete Data on One-Third of Gaza Death Toll
Date3:32am 04/12/2024
news iconThe Proud And The Prejudiced (Part XX – Conclusion)
Date3:25am 04/12/2024
news iconWith WSJ Predicting War with Iran Imminent, US Embassy in Jerusalem Sends Out a Warning
Date3:25am 04/12/2024
news iconAustin angered US not warned before killing of senior IRGC commander, report
Date3:22am 04/12/2024
news iconIDF confirms it killed senior Hamas member
Date3:18am 04/12/2024
news iconIsraeli Arab Indicted for Planning to Poison Sea of Galilee
Date3:17am 04/12/2024
news iconHamas rejects cease-fire proposal, suspends talks until demands met, report
Date3:14am 04/12/2024
news iconA Picture Of Consolation And Renewal
Date3:07am 04/12/2024
news iconDemonstrations Against Jews – The Jay Shapiro Show [audio]
Date3:06am 04/12/2024
news iconMi Kamocha? Who is Like You, Israel – Pull Up a Chair [audio]
Date3:06am 04/12/2024
news iconPassover: Love Will Set Us Free – Soul Talk [audio]
Date3:06am 04/12/2024
news iconUS military says destroyed missile launched from Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen
Date2:17am 04/12/2024
news iconWhile Alabama Supreme Court Rules Embryos Are Children, Halacha Disagrees
Date2:17am 04/12/2024
news iconAbout Time: Israel Expels British, French Anarchists Who Breached Security Area
Date1:55am 04/12/2024
news iconQ & A: Why Don’t We Say Tachanun During Nissan? (Part I)
Date1:55am 04/12/2024
news iconIDF, Mossad approve Iran strike plans
Date1:28am 04/12/2024
news iconIsrael braces for Iran attack in coming 24-48 hours, report
Date12:39am 04/12/2024
news iconRussian Security Report Neutralizing Terrorist Who Planned to Attack Moscow Synagogue
Date12:39am 04/12/2024
news iconDear Dr. Yael
Date12:25am 04/12/2024
news iconThreat of terror event in West Bank settlement, removed
Date12:03am 04/12/2024
news iconUS does not expect to be drawn into war but predicts attack by Iran against Israel
Date11:25pm 04/11/2024
news iconResidents of West Bank settlement told to shelter in place in suspected terror infiltration
Date11:23pm 04/11/2024
news iconLikud regains some ground, Gantz maintains lead in new poll
Date11:15pm 04/11/2024
news iconGrand Siyum To Celebrate 40 Years Of Rambam Study
Date10:55pm 04/11/2024
news iconFew Israelis believe government will last full term
Date10:41pm 04/11/2024
news iconThe IDF – A Torah-True Calling
Date9:13pm 04/11/2024
news iconIran says will retaliate against Israel in a way that won't start regional war
Date5:29pm 04/11/2024
news iconThe behind-the-scenes contacts between Biden's people and Muslims in the US
Date5:18pm 04/11/2024
news iconAn Indiana court ruled that Jews have a religious liberty right to abortion. Here’s why that matters.
Date4:58pm 04/11/2024
news iconRussian FSB says foiled attack on synagogue
Date4:46pm 04/11/2024
news iconUS tells staff in Israel not to travel outside cities amid Iran threat
Date4:37pm 04/11/2024
news iconNetanyahu to address US, Israeli group advocating total control of West Bank
Date4:26pm 04/11/2024
news iconFormer Cornell student who threatened to shoot up kosher dining hall pleads guilty
Date3:54pm 04/11/2024
news iconAid from 600 trucks stranded inside Gaza, Israel says
Date3:54pm 04/11/2024
news iconSinwar stalls hostage negotiations, waits for Iran attack
Date3:46pm 04/11/2024
news iconIran aims to contain fallout in Israel response, won't be hasty, sources say
Date3:40pm 04/11/2024
news iconAfter 5 months, Hamas spokesman makes !st statement
Date3:00pm 04/11/2024
news iconPutin: Russia had to attack Ukraine energy sites in response to Kyiv's strikes
Date2:56pm 04/11/2024
news iconUS asks countries in region to press Iran not to engage in war in Sudan
Date2:55pm 04/11/2024
news iconBlinken spoke to Turkish, Chinese, Saudi Arabian counterparts on avoiding Mideast escalation
Date2:53pm 04/11/2024
news iconBen Gurion University launches $1 billion campaign to rebuild Israel through the South
Date2:44pm 04/11/2024
news iconUS has told Iran it was not involved in Damascus attack, White House says
Date2:39pm 04/11/2024
news iconWestern powers to Iran: 'Do not attack Israel'
Date2:38pm 04/11/2024
news iconCOGAT: 600 aid trucks waiting for UN in Gaza, Israel is not the problem
Date2:35pm 04/11/2024
news iconGov't presents draft plan for rehabilitating north
Date2:14pm 04/11/2024
news iconUN Security Council calls on Israel to remove barriers to Gaza aid delivery
Date1:44pm 04/11/2024
news iconPalestinian woman carrying knife arrested at military post near Hebron
Date1:33pm 04/11/2024
news icon'No moral option' to continue blanket IDF exemption, haredi minister says
Date12:55pm 04/11/2024
news iconThu: Big two banks lead falls
Date12:34pm 04/11/2024
news iconThey live a life of luxury in Qatar and own prime Gaza real estate: Meet the Haniyehs
Date12:12pm 04/11/2024
news iconUSAID: 'Israel is significantly delaying delivery of aid Gaza
Date11:21am 04/11/2024
news iconThe First Hebrew Map Of Biblical Israel
Date11:19am 04/11/2024
news iconPoland may give Ukraine Soviet-era missiles, says president
Date11:18am 04/11/2024
news iconIf UN condemned airstrike in Syria Iran would not have 'imperative' to retaliate, Tehran says
Date11:17am 04/11/2024
news icon'No moral option' to continue blanket IDF exemption, haredi minister says
Date11:14am 04/11/2024
news iconO.J. Simpson, football star turned celebrity murder defendant, dead at 76
Date11:13am 04/11/2024
news iconRani Zim pulls NIS 250m deal in face of investors' anger
Date10:59am 04/11/2024
news iconProtesters blocking entrance of aid into Gaza dispersed, 1 arrested
Date10:31am 04/11/2024
news iconSharansky’s Seder Night Lesson
Date9:49am 04/11/2024
news iconThe People’s Talmud Presents: Daf Yomi Brain Teasers: Baba Metzia 43
Date9:48am 04/11/2024
news iconQueen Rania and the Pope
Date9:27am 04/11/2024
news iconRebbetzin Miriam Yerushalmi–Earth, Wind, Fire, Air: The Role These Four Elements Play in Your Body
Date9:26am 04/11/2024
news iconSparks of Light – Phantom Nation [audio]
Date9:24am 04/11/2024
news iconGerman police offer 5,000 euros for information on synagogue arson attack
Date9:09am 04/11/2024
news iconNetanyahu says Israel prepared 'defensively and offensively' as Iran attack looms
Date9:00am 04/11/2024
news iconMia Dynamics develops robot defense platform
Date8:29am 04/11/2024
news iconAmid fear of Iran attack, Netanyahu warns ‘we’ll harm those who harm us’
Date8:22am 04/11/2024
news iconForever Is A Long Time
Date8:19am 04/11/2024
news iconWall Street beckons new wave of Israeli tech IPOs
Date8:00am 04/11/2024
news iconGerman, Iranian foreign ministers discussed Middle East tensions, says Berlin
Date7:52am 04/11/2024
news iconVictoria's Secret opens first two Israel stores
Date7:44am 04/11/2024
news iconNetanyahu's message: Whoever harms us, we will strike back at them
Date7:42am 04/11/2024
news iconDo Hamas’ Leaders Abroad Have a Mandate to Negotiate?
Date7:05am 04/11/2024
news iconSeason Of Awakening Song
Date6:49am 04/11/2024
news iconReport: Secret Normalization Deal Reached Between Israel and Indonesia
Date6:29am 04/11/2024
news iconYad Sarah encourages Israelis to welcome recovering heroes, evacuees, and seniors to the Seder
Date6:14am 04/11/2024
news iconOthello, WikiLeaks And Mildewed Walls
Date6:13am 04/11/2024
news iconWhere Am I: A Sign
Date6:10am 04/11/2024
news iconDanger: Mines
Date6:00am 04/11/2024
news iconIsrael Building New Land Crossing into Northern Gaza
Date5:59am 04/11/2024
news iconElectricity supply market to be fully competitive from July
Date5:55am 04/11/2024
news iconNew Electricity Infrastructure Project Planned for Jerusalem
Date5:42am 04/11/2024
news iconAnti-Israel Activists Plan Riots to ‘Disrupt Global Economy’
Date5:38am 04/11/2024
news icon‘Who Walks Away from a Friend During a Time of War?’ Scalise says of Biden’s Israel Policy
Date5:30am 04/11/2024
news iconSmith College Pro-Hamas Students End Administration Building Occupation, Occupy Lawn Instead
Date5:20am 04/11/2024
news icon126 new apartments approved for expansion in Ramot Naftali
Date4:47am 04/11/2024
news iconShekel weakens amid Iran attack concerns
Date4:39am 04/11/2024
news iconPolice thwart attempt to blow up Jerusalem's light rail, four suspects arrested
Date4:38am 04/11/2024
news iconStudio Fix Fluid Spf 15 24hr matte foundation + oil control
Date3:38am 04/11/2024
news iconGuns, ammo and stolen IDF uniforms confiscated in Police West Bank op, two arrested
Date2:54am 04/11/2024
news iconIsraeli rabbi: Burying non-Jewish war casualties is a religious duty
Date2:39am 04/11/2024
news iconLeading Democratic congressman says he wants ‘assurances’ before approving sale of fighter jets to Israel
Date11:25pm 04/10/2024
news iconJewish groups signal new interest in Gaza aid following Israel’s strike on World Central Kitchen workers
Date5:25pm 04/10/2024
news iconUnion for Reform Judaism pledges to divest millions from fossil fuel industry
Date2:36pm 04/10/2024
news iconPrinceton joins list of Ivy Leagues under Title VI antisemitism investigation, against the wishes of its Jewish leaders
Date2:10pm 04/10/2024
news icon'Prepare to learn remotely': Schools issue messages that spark panic
Date2:10pm 04/10/2024
news iconCoalition MK holds committee session examining threats to politicians
Date12:30pm 04/10/2024
news iconIsraeli academics face backlash signing letter accusing Israel of ‘plausible genocide’ in Gaza
Date12:05pm 04/10/2024
news iconResilient resurgence: Israelis navigate war with financial support from Ogen’s Fund
Date11:44am 04/10/2024
news iconEscape Day at the David InterContinental Tel Aviv Hotel
Date9:13am 04/10/2024
news iconFDA's dramatic warning, about breast augmentation: what are the meanings and alternatives?
Date9:12am 04/10/2024
news iconIsraeli universities performance ranking drops 21% in 2024 - QS ranking
Date7:06am 04/10/2024
news iconIDF arrests nine wanted individuals in West Bank night operation
Date7:04am 04/10/2024
news iconIsraelis commemorate Bible's Jordan River crossing 3,300 years ago
Date6:29am 04/10/2024
news iconChanging mindset: New program teaches Israeli students Arabic language and culture
Date2:42am 04/10/2024
news iconIsrael ‘must be punished’ for Iranian consulate attack in Syria, says Khamenei
Date1:34am 04/10/2024
news iconUnder court order, Philadelphia theater screens Israeli film that it cancelled in the face of protests
Date4:46pm 04/09/2024
news iconHow US Jewish summer camps are preparing to welcome Israeli staff — many fresh from war
Date4:02pm 04/09/2024
news iconSelina market cap collapses from $1.2b to $12m
Date10:41am 04/09/2024
news iconRitchie Torres’ pro-Israel activism sparks controversy in DC — and within his own family. In Israel, he’s a star.
Date7:35am 04/09/2024
news icon7 Anti-Zionist Jewish artists pull out of California Jewish museum’s exhibit to protest Israel
Date1:42pm 04/08/2024
news iconPerion plunges on Microsoft Bing search engine changes
Date11:23am 04/08/2024
news iconJewish tradition sees eclipses as bad omens. Many American Jews are seeking totality anyway.
Date9:17am 04/08/2024
news iconWhen Perceptions Ignore History
Date6:50am 04/08/2024
news iconRecognition of a Palestinian State Will Be a Victory for Iran and a Reward for Islamist Terrorism
Date3:16am 04/08/2024
news icon6 months into Israel’s war, American rabbis are grappling with anxiety over the battle’s aims and mounting toll
Date5:26pm 04/07/2024
news iconIran and Hamas Are Seeking to Destabilize the Jordanian Government
Date5:20am 04/07/2024
news iconIsraeli military fires 2 officers in the wake of World Central Kitchen killings: ‘A serious failure’
Date9:29am 04/05/2024
news iconHow Howard Kohr made AIPAC a pro-Israel powerhouse while keeping out of sight
Date8:00pm 04/04/2024
news iconAfter Biden tells Netanyahu that US policies on Gaza depend on Israel’s actions, Israel approves new aid corridors
Date4:41pm 04/04/2024
news iconWhy the high-profile killing of a famous aid group’s volunteers could be a turning point for how Israel treats Gaza relief
Date3:48pm 04/04/2024
news iconBDS activists say they successfully pressured a college to end its Israel study-abroad program. Did they?
Date1:15pm 04/04/2024
news iconLeading American medical journal faces down its own history of endorsing Nazi race science
Date5:30pm 04/03/2024
news iconThe secret list of 29 names that helps pollsters find American Jews
Date2:50pm 04/03/2024
news iconBiden: Israel ‘has not done enough’ to protect aid workers or civilians in Gaza
Date1:28pm 04/03/2024
news iconHizbullah Replaced the “Lebanese Resistance” Slogan with the “Islamic Resistance”
Date7:20am 04/03/2024
news iconThe Vision of the New Palestinian Prime Minister, Muhammad Moustafa
Date4:26am 03/26/2024
news iconGaza’s Understanding of U.S. Humanitarian Aid: A “Free Lunch”
Date4:09am 03/20/2024
news iconThe U.S. Plans a Port for Gaza to Provide Humanitarian Aid
Date3:23am 03/18/2024
news iconAssessing Hamas’ Failures
Date2:50am 03/18/2024
news iconThe Parallels Between Yahya Sinwar and Yasser Arafat
Date8:28am 03/14/2024
Date 12:25am 04/12/2024
Date 6:00am 04/11/2024
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