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Israel & Jewish News - Latest Headlines

news iconFrance cancels defense meeting with UK over submarine disagreement
Date3:54pm 09/19/2021
news iconLee Zeldin announces that he in remission from cancer, says it will not affect NY governor run
Date2:42pm 09/19/2021
news iconIslamic state claims responsibility for attacks in eastern Afghanistan
Date1:40pm 09/19/2021
news iconWorld Leaders Return to UN With Focus on Pandemic, Climate
Date11:48am 09/19/2021
news iconTankerTrackers Says Third Tanker Carrying Fuel to Lebanon Underway
Date11:39am 09/19/2021
news iconThe Netherlands Unveils Its First National Holocaust Monument
Date11:35am 09/19/2021
news iconBennett appoints Elad Tene as Public Diplomacy Directorate head
Date11:31am 09/19/2021
news iconIsrael Ranked 4th in 2021’s Digital Quality of Life Index
Date11:29am 09/19/2021
news iconSudan: White House Signing Ceremony Needed for Public Ties With Israel
Date11:21am 09/19/2021
news iconRemaining Two Palestinian Prison Escapees Recaptured in Jenin
Date11:15am 09/19/2021
news iconCalifornia Gunman Pleads Guilty to Hate Crimes in Synagogue Murder, Mosque Arson
Date11:09am 09/19/2021
news iconQatar flight with Afghans, Americans, Europeans leaves Kabul
Date10:50am 09/19/2021
news iconTankerTrackers says third tanker carrying fuel to Lebanon underway
Date9:53am 09/19/2021
news iconIndictment filed against Palestinian who stoned IDF vehicle
Date9:37am 09/19/2021
news iconMan who made a woman brain dead with a brick sentenced to 18 years
Date9:22am 09/19/2021
news iconDurban IV: Time for Some Tough Diplomacy
Date9:13am 09/19/2021
news iconHaifa building evacuated due to concern of collapse
Date8:28am 09/19/2021
news iconTop Agudah and Reform Rabbis Join Forces Over Temple Mount
Date7:50am 09/19/2021
news iconUS President Biden, French President Macron to discuss submarine crisis
Date6:18am 09/19/2021
news iconIraq oil minister: OPEC to stick to oil production deal
Date6:13am 09/19/2021
news iconTurkish President Erdogan to meet Greek PM in New York
Date5:46am 09/19/2021
news iconHezbollah Is the Only Winner in Lebanon
Date5:37am 09/19/2021
news iconLapid discusses Gaza' economy for security' plan with Egyptian FM
Date5:15am 09/19/2021
news iconCOVID in the IDF: 2,362 infected, one in serious condition
Date4:14am 09/19/2021
news iconCOVID in Israel: 7,445 new cases, 6.21% of tests positive
Date3:31am 09/19/2021
news iconLast two of six Palestinian jail escapees captured
Date2:24am 09/19/2021
news iconHamas launches rocket from Gaza into ocean in experiment - report
Date1:38am 09/19/2021
news iconDisabled activists protest, block trains
Date1:29am 09/19/2021
news iconIslamic State claims responsibility for attack on Syrian gas pipeline
Date3:20pm 09/18/2021
news iconMolotov Cocktails thrown at two girls in Ramle
Date2:04pm 09/18/2021
news iconHas Gantz closed the gap with US over an Iranian nuclear threshold?
Date1:08pm 09/18/2021
news iconPortugal approves entry of vaccinated and recovered Israelis
Date10:00am 09/18/2021
news iconLebanon parliament speaker says Israel 'violating Lebanese sovereignty'
Date8:00am 09/18/2021
news iconPalestinians arrested crossing Gaza border into Israel
Date4:40am 09/18/2021
news iconAbu Dhabi cancels COVID-19 entry testing for UAE travelers
Date4:21am 09/18/2021
news iconIsraeli nearly drowns in Ashdod beach, in serious condition
Date3:02am 09/18/2021
news iconMagnitude 4.4 earthquake rattles Los Angeles area
Date11:21pm 09/17/2021
news iconIran's fuel shipments violate Lebanon's sovereignty - PM
Date6:49pm 09/17/2021
news iconAttack on gas line leaves Syrian capital with no electricity
Date6:09pm 09/17/2021
news iconFDA votes to oppose Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine booster for those 16+
Date5:24pm 09/17/2021
news iconA rally in DC with echoes of Jan. 6 has Jewish officials on high alert
Date4:51pm 09/17/2021
news iconBody of 30-year-old man lost in Kinneret found
Date3:31pm 09/17/2021
news iconBenny Gantz: Israel is OK with Biden efforts to reenter Iran deal, but wants to see a ‘Plan B’
Date3:24pm 09/17/2021
news iconMeet the Jewish mustard maven who founded a museum for his favorite condiment
Date3:20pm 09/17/2021
news iconBuilding in Hadera evacuated due to fear of collapse
Date3:10pm 09/17/2021
news iconTwo Tel Aviv residents arrested on suspicion of rape
Date2:42pm 09/17/2021
news iconA private investigator observed a Cleveland-area synagogue during the High Holidays. Its worshippers are outraged.
Date11:20am 09/17/2021
news iconJewish summer camp for adults combines fire breathing, color war and Shabbat experiences
Date10:49am 09/17/2021
news iconColorado Gov. Jared Polis and his partner had a very Jewish wedding this week after 18 years together
Date9:10am 09/17/2021
news iconCOVID has turned South Florida into a promised land for Orthodox New Yorkers
Date6:00am 09/17/2021
news icon22% of adult Jewish gamers faced antisemitic harassment while playing, survey finds
Date2:52pm 09/15/2021
news iconMuslims and Jews join in Congress to press US government for kosher and halal food relief
Date1:12pm 09/15/2021
news iconNaftali Bennett made the Time 100 list. It’s because of ‘courage,’ his Arab-Israeli coalition partner writes.
Date12:08pm 09/15/2021
news iconFor Jews with eating disorders, new traditions aim to make Yom Kippur a safer experience
Date11:53am 09/15/2021
news iconEffort to recall California’s governor fails, but scrutiny on Dianne Feinstein could be lasting effect
Date9:35am 09/15/2021
news iconBennett’s first formal meeting with Sissi fell flat in terms of substance
Date7:43am 09/15/2021
news iconDisastrously, Lebanon Does Not Follow Its Usual Script
Date1:29am 09/15/2021
news iconA year later, the Abraham Accords draw a rare show of unity from Trump and Biden officials
Date5:20pm 09/14/2021
news iconCalifornia lawmakers require ethnic studies, leaving Jewish activists divided
Date12:21pm 09/14/2021
news iconOhio man sentenced to 20 years for planned attack on Toledo synagogue
Date10:31am 09/14/2021
news iconBurlington BDS resolution to be withdrawn as sponsor cites concerns about antisemitism
Date4:51pm 09/13/2021
news iconSynagogue threat, cemetery vandalism shake Twin Cities Jewish community
Date3:47pm 09/13/2021
news iconFor this rabbi near Surfside, the High Holidays are for processing communal grief
Date10:46am 09/13/2021
news iconOn eve of 9/11, House of Representatives marks 20th anniversary of attacks with rabbi’s prayer for ‘shared holy days’
Date9:50am 09/13/2021
news iconTwo Israelis injured in third Palestinian terrorist attack in three days
Date9:27am 09/13/2021
news iconBennett and El-Sissi hold summit at Sharm el-Sheikh
Date8:36am 09/13/2021
news iconHamas punctuates Israeli air strike with another rocket – a shift in tactics
Date3:32am 09/13/2021
news iconRocket fired from Gaza intercepted by Iron Dome
Date2:33pm 09/11/2021
news iconZubeidi and a Jihad leader caught. Four prison escapees now captured, two still at large
Date3:52pm 09/10/2021
news iconPalestinian medic shot while trying to stab police officer in Jerusalem
Date1:58pm 09/10/2021
news iconLibyan presidential contender offers Israel recognition for backing
Date4:04am 09/09/2021
news iconWhy Did the PA’s Mahmoud Abbas Meet with Defense Minister Benny Gantz?
Date4:03am 09/05/2021
news iconTo Secretary of State Blinken: Repatriating Israeli Captives Is a Basic Humanitarian Right under International Conventions
Date7:17am 08/31/2021
news iconIran Reinforces the Aerial Defense around its Nuclear Facilities
Date7:37am 08/26/2021
news iconHizbullah Leader Nasrallah Raises the Intensity of his Challenge to the United States and Israel
Date6:35am 08/23/2021
news icon‎The Lesson from the U.S. Strategy in Afghanistan: Israel Must Recognize the Limits of Superpower Support
Date1:53pm 08/19/2021
news iconSaudi Arabia Acts Against Hamas Terrorism
Date8:11am 08/12/2021
news iconWhere Is U.S. Policy Heading under the Biden Administration?
Date4:58am 08/11/2021
news iconIran Is Testing All Boundaries
Date6:01am 08/10/2021
news iconAn Open Letter to the Board of Directors of Ben & Jerry’s
Date2:08am 08/05/2021
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