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Israel & Jewish News - Latest Headlines

news iconPresbyterian Church, USA Demonizes Israel While Ignoring the Plight of Christians in Gaza
Date8:34am 07/04/2022
news iconHostile Russian-US incidents erupt in E. Syria after key Russian general transferred from Ukraine
Date8:31am 07/04/2022
news iconBBC Has a Clear, Anti-Israel Narrative
Date8:27am 07/04/2022
news iconIsrael’s PM Lapid Meets US Antisemitism Envoy
Date7:41am 07/04/2022
news iconLebanon PM Chides Unofficial Moves in Israel Row After Hezbollah Sends Drones
Date7:11am 07/04/2022
news iconIDF Arrests Two Infiltrators From Gaza Armed With Knives, Grenade
Date6:19am 07/04/2022
news iconIDF Representatives Participate in Military Exercise in Morocco for the First Time
Date6:12am 07/04/2022
news iconBayer to Establish Cybersecurity Hub in Israel
Date6:03am 07/04/2022
news iconJewish Cemetery in Winnipeg, Canada, Finds 70 Tombstones Toppled to Ground
Date5:56am 07/04/2022
news iconAfter conquering Luhansk, Putin orders army to press forward against Ukraine
Date5:48am 07/04/2022
news iconThe Hizballah drones near Israeli’s gas rig slammed by Lebanese PM
Date5:41am 07/04/2022
news iconUkraine War to Shift to Donetsk After Fall of Luhansk; Russia Claims Major Victory
Date4:43am 07/04/2022
news iconSeveral Killed, Wounded in Copenhagen Mall Shooting
Date4:42pm 07/03/2022
news iconHizballah drones intercepted before reaching Israel’s offshore Karish gas rig
Date11:07am 07/02/2022
news iconIsrael’s election campaign may produce a new centrist party. Can Netanyahu win a majority this time?
Date1:00am 07/02/2022
news iconOrthodox women built businesses and friendships online. They’re being told to sign off.
Date12:38pm 07/01/2022
news iconBoston-area college fires employee who allegedly hit campus with repeated antisemitic graffiti
Date9:33am 07/01/2022
news iconPresident Biden congratulates Lapid, thanks Bennett
Date11:42pm 06/30/2022
news iconLeading Orthodox groups cheered the end of Roe v. Wade. Many Orthodox women are panicking.
Date12:21pm 06/30/2022
news iconBen & Jerry’s says it opposes parent company’s plan to sell the brand’s Israel rights
Date7:52am 06/30/2022
news iconIsraelis head to the polls on Nov. 1 after Knesset votes to dissolve
Date1:39am 06/30/2022
news iconIDF officer among 3 injured in gunfire against Jewish pilgrims at Joseph’s Tomb
Date1:23am 06/30/2022
news iconPM Bennet quits politics, passes Yamina party lead to Shaked
Date11:59am 06/29/2022
news iconNick Fuentes, white nationalist with GOP ties, says ‘Jews stood in the way’ of Roe v. Wade’s end
Date7:33am 06/29/2022
news iconUS to offer Iran eased sanctions at renewed nuclear talks in Qatar
Date7:08am 06/29/2022
news iconNATO office on Texas Air Force Base removes print of storied Nazi combat pilot and his plane
Date6:34pm 06/28/2022
news iconLeading Orthodox group praises reversal of standard in Supreme Court ruling on football coach’s prayer
Date1:03pm 06/28/2022
news iconKosher certification agency sues JetBlue, saying they lied about a kosher snack
Date9:40am 06/28/2022
news iconAI facial recognition tech identifies rocker Geddy Lee’s mother in anonymous Holocaust photos
Date6:52am 06/28/2022
news iconSupreme Court decision on coach’s prayer throws doubt on a 30-year-old victory for a Jewish family
Date1:36pm 06/27/2022
news iconThe Latest UN Commission of Inquiry on “Occupied Palestinian Territory” Is an Inquisition
Date11:35pm 06/26/2022
news iconBoston city council member walks back tweet about ‘letting the Zionists shake you down’
Date10:53am 06/24/2022
news icon‘After Shabbat, we will act’: American Jews gear up for wave of post-Roe activism
Date10:28am 06/24/2022
news iconLandmark survey of Jewish LA reveals an increasingly diverse and engaged community
Date8:25am 06/24/2022
news icon$1.2 billion Surfside settlement for families and unit owners approved day before one-year anniversary
Date6:37am 06/24/2022
news iconBDS movement disavows Boston project mapping Jewish groups as some in Congress push for a federal investigation into its use
Date8:34am 06/23/2022
news iconDeborah Lipstadt’s first tour as antisemitism monitor will be to Saudi Arabia
Date6:53am 06/23/2022
news iconFederal court upholds Arkansas law that restricts Israel boycotts, ruling it does not violate First Amendment
Date12:21pm 06/22/2022
news icon‘Nazi hunter’ Eli Rosenbaum tapped to head DOJ team investigating war crimes in Ukraine
Date6:29am 06/22/2022
news iconSandy Koufax honored with a statue at Dodger Stadium
Date2:30pm 06/21/2022
news iconJustice Breyer: Supreme Court ruling in Maine school case could lead to broad public funding of religious schools
Date1:59pm 06/21/2022
news iconPreview of President Joe Biden’s Visit to Israel
Date5:11am 06/16/2022
news iconHussein Al-Sheikh Is Gradually Stepping into Mahmoud Abbas’ Shoes
Date8:51pm 06/13/2022
news icon“Iran’s Strategic Goal in Lebanon Has Been Achieved”
Date4:03am 06/02/2022
news iconIran Is Developing Preemptive-Strike Capabilities with Drones and Cruise Missiles
Date1:21am 05/31/2022
news iconThe “War on Drugs” at the Syrian-Jordanian Border
Date12:48am 05/31/2022
news iconJerusalem Day: Correcting a Historical Injustice
Date1:05am 05/29/2022
news iconHizbullah Will Continue to Dominate Lebanese Politics in the Aftermath of the Elections
Date6:02am 05/19/2022
news iconThe Emir of Qatar Went to Iran to Salvage the Nuclear Deal
Date12:48am 05/16/2022
news iconRa’am and the Israeli Islamic Movement’s Interaction with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood
Date11:47pm 05/11/2022
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