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Israel & Jewish News - Latest Headlines

news iconWest Bank Palestinian village reports hate crime by Jewish settlers
Date3:31am 03/03/2021
news iconExplosion at Dutch COVID-19 test center appears intentional - police
Date3:30am 03/03/2021
news iconCoronavirus in Israel: 4,265 new cases, 4.8% of tests positive
Date3:21am 03/03/2021
news icon92.6% of Israeli kindergarten teachers vaccinated, recovered from COVID
Date3:02am 03/03/2021
news iconIsraeli and US ambassadors to UN discuss regional issues, racism
Date2:47am 03/03/2021
news iconMoscow, pledging retaliation, calls US sanctions 'anti-Russian lunge'
Date2:12am 03/03/2021
news iconIsraeli-owned ship involved in Oman Gulf explosion completes repairs
Date1:24am 03/03/2021
news iconCrop-duster crashes in southern Israel, pilot moderately injured
Date1:05am 03/03/2021
news iconKinneret rises by 0.5 centimetres in 24 hours - report
Date12:46am 03/03/2021
news iconCoronavirus: Will we know if we need a fourth lookdown by elections?
Date12:37am 03/03/2021
news iconDriver who ran over man in Mea Shearim released, supporters celebrate
Date11:46pm 03/02/2021
news iconLGBTQ+ couples can now register marriage in Haifa, receive benefits
Date11:20pm 03/02/2021
news iconSuspected infiltration reported at Kfar Tapuah
Date11:15pm 03/02/2021
news iconUS House panel reissues subpoena for Trump's tax records
Date8:22pm 03/02/2021
news iconPentagon concerned by report detailing North Korea nuclear reprocessing
Date6:40pm 03/02/2021
news iconSelf-described ‘skinhead’ who schemed to blow up Colorado synagogue sentenced to nearly 20 years in prison
Date5:22pm 03/02/2021
news iconBiden: US on track to enough vaccines for every adult in US by end of May
Date5:00pm 03/02/2021
news iconThirteen die as truck slams crowded SUV near US-Mexico border
Date4:58pm 03/02/2021
news iconAmazon alters app logo that drew comparisons to Hitler’s mustache
Date3:32pm 03/02/2021
news iconPLO says Hamas is on board with a 2-state outcome and ‘peaceful’ resistance
Date2:11pm 03/02/2021
news iconIsrael opens international airport for free exit and 3,000 arrivals per day
Date2:00pm 03/02/2021
news iconNew poll finds Sa'ar, Bennett parties tied
Date1:58pm 03/02/2021
news iconUK welcomes EU and US sanctions over poisoning of Kremlin foe Navalny
Date1:30pm 03/02/2021
news iconFrance to push ahead with Iran censure resolution at IAEA
Date1:11pm 03/02/2021
news iconCoronavirus: Gov’t approves reopening of the skies
Date12:37pm 03/02/2021
news iconIran: IRGC vehicle attacked by Baluchi militants - state media
Date12:26pm 03/02/2021
news iconUS Treasury sanctions Iran-backed Houthi leaders
Date12:19pm 03/02/2021
news iconUS joins EU in sanctioning Russians over Navalny poisoning
Date11:51am 03/02/2021
news iconThree “New York” covid variants located in Israel
Date11:39am 03/02/2021
news iconThree media workers shot dead in eastern Afghanistan - gov't officials
Date11:20am 03/02/2021
news iconThree New York COVID-19 variants reported in Israel
Date10:57am 03/02/2021
news iconHere’s a (Jewish) way to redirect your pandemic despair into purposeful living
Date10:49am 03/02/2021
news iconCoronavirus cabinet meeting begins being postponed three times
Date10:13am 03/02/2021
news iconLA rabbis from across denominational spectrum urge congressional action on Uighurs
Date9:44am 03/02/2021
news iconPalestinian Authority: We gave 200 COVID-19 vaccines to Jordan
Date9:08am 03/02/2021
news iconCoronavirus: Special education to reopen in green, yellow, orange cities
Date8:47am 03/02/2021
news iconGerman prosecutor gets complaint over journalist Jamal Khashoggi death
Date8:31am 03/02/2021
news iconNetherlands postpones Qatar trade mission over World Cup worker concerns
Date8:28am 03/02/2021
news iconIsraelis who recovered from coronavirus get vaccinated
Date6:45am 03/02/2021
news iconCan Netanyahu sidestep the conversion issue and keep his rightwing bloc?
Date6:25am 03/02/2021
news iconInsufficient Diplomatic Strength to Stop Iran
Date3:12am 03/02/2021
news iconIran: “This Is Not the Time for Talks with the United States”
Date2:30am 03/02/2021
news iconMichigan university fires professor for anti-Semitic and racist social media posts
Date4:42pm 03/01/2021
news iconFrontier Airlines says it kicked a Hasidic family off flight because they weren’t wearing masks. The family claims they were.
Date4:39pm 03/01/2021
news iconLongtime AEPi executive who was affiliated with Turning Point USA is stepping down
Date3:38pm 03/01/2021
news iconIn a historic ruling, the High Court approves acceptance of non-Orthodox converts as Jews
Date2:48pm 03/01/2021
news iconAll school grades reopen on Sunday, along with restaurants
Date2:40pm 03/01/2021
news iconReps. Grace Meng and Ted Lieu join anti-Semitism task force leadership, replacing 2 Jewish members
Date1:05pm 03/01/2021
news iconGolden Globes: Sacha Baron Cohen wins big, and other fun Jewish moments
Date11:27am 03/01/2021
news iconHaredi Orthodox kids in Lakewood, NJ, seen in racist Purim costumes
Date10:12am 03/01/2021
news iconCPAC denies its stage was a Nazi symbol, as host hotel calls the symbol ‘abhorrent’
Date10:00am 03/01/2021
news iconNetanyahu: Ship explosion was clearly the work of Iran
Date2:10am 03/01/2021
news iconSyria accuses Israel of missile strike south of Damascus
Date2:03am 03/01/2021
news iconAfrica Is a Jihadist Playground for the Resurgent Islamic State and al-Qaeda
Date8:21pm 02/28/2021
news iconKentucky becomes first US state to adopt IHRA anti-Semitism definition
Date3:11pm 02/28/2021
news iconNJ teen confesses to spearheading plot to vandalize Midwestern synagogues
Date1:59pm 02/28/2021
news iconEarly reopening of middle schools, longer school year announced
Date1:04pm 02/28/2021
news iconTufts pro-Israel Jewish student official no longer facing impeachment
Date8:35pm 02/27/2021
news icon‘Jewish ideas poison people,’ State Department official writes on Christian nationalist blog
Date6:31pm 02/26/2021
news iconMassachusetts school board member announces resignation 2 days after using anti-Semitic slur on TV
Date4:07pm 02/26/2021
news iconBiden’s first military action: Strike on Iranian-backed targets in Syria
Date9:19pm 02/25/2021
news iconSchool board member in Massachusetts used anti-Semitic slur on live TV
Date4:59pm 02/25/2021
news iconHow Queen Esther Became an American Hero
Date11:00am 02/25/2021
news icon“The Yemeni Maneuver” – Biden Administration Gives a Free Pass to Iran
Date4:38am 02/18/2021
news iconHizbullah Opposes a Limited War with Israel, and Issues Threats
Date10:03am 02/17/2021
news iconWill a Hamas-Fatah Reconciliation Work? The Elephant in the Room
Date12:54am 02/14/2021
news iconIsrael Must Fight Back Against the ICC and Not Be Intimidated by Its Charges
Date6:54am 02/11/2021
news iconBiden Administration Revokes the Designation of the Yemeni Houthis as a Terrorist Organization
Date8:11am 02/09/2021
news iconThe Strategic Construction Plans in Jerusalem: Will the Biden Administration Weigh In?
Date7:28am 02/08/2021
news iconThe International Criminal Court’s Flawed Decision to Recognize ICC Jurisdiction over the Territories
Date4:54am 02/07/2021
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