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About is your Jewish home.

JewSurf is for everyone who sees themselves as part of the Jewish people. No matter who they are and what they believe.
It is especially constructed to first serve the needs of typical internet users and can successfully serve even non-Jewish surfers. JewSurf aims to meet all the needs of the Jewish community on the internet.

JewSurf is a lively site, standing for the right of every person to say what he thinks and to express his views. Therefore, it puts at the disposal of the surfers the 'forum' and 'Jwall' where they can conduct a virtual community life on a variety of subjects starting from 'news' to 'Jewish singles'.

It includes data on the Jewish people and its holidays.

A calendar features the Jewish holidays, including the weekly Torah reading portions and the times when the Sabbath begins and ends.

JewSurf encourages the connection with Israel and contains comprehensive information about the Jewish State.

JewSurf relies on donations and needs them in order to continue developing.