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1:23pm Jul 28 2021
Literature & ArtLiterature & Art

Jewish Author Seeks Guidance

Shalom All; This is my 1st time here and I am glad to have found this forum. As a writer, I cover numerous topics. But, my strongest devotion is to disability rights issues which I have been writing about for over 25 years. I'm published in numerous areas - newspapers, magazines, journals, and websites. I have been invited by ESRA Magazine to write an article on the state of disability rights in Israel. The problem is, I can't get anyone in Israel to talk to me. I have reached out to journalists, several activists, politicians, and even the Israel Press Association. No one responds. I don't want to give up on this opportunity to write something valuable, but how can I proceed if no one in Israel wants to speak with me? I sent my messages in Hebrew, and I was very careful about my wording. I really need some advice here. Many thanks, ilannam
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