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Review: Dreamland by Glass Animals

Dreamland is a well-made record by UK band Glass Animals, filled with songs that show off their signature hallucinogenic sound and impactful lyrics. In between many of the tracks are exerts of home movie recordings, giving the album and intimate feel.  Dreamland dives deep into themes of heartache and longing with my personal favorite track “It’s All So Incredibly Loud”. The song starts off soft and slow and builds to a wall off sound that feels powerful and authentic.  The album also features many upbeat and fun songs such as “Tokyo Drifting” and “Your Love (Déjà vu)”. Dreamland manages to be both an album of floor-filler dance tunes and a vulnerable and sincere listening experience.  I give Dreamland 5/5 stars and can’t wait to see them perform live once touring is possible again! 
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