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11:08pm Oct 11 2020
United States
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Jewish KnowHow — Posting an Event Online

You can put a lot of effort into creating the perfect event, but if no one knows about it, no one will attend, no matter how good it is! Posting your event online is excellent free advertising. You can use the social internet to garner interested in your event by having people share it with their friends at no cost to you. Today we will be sharing some advice with you about posting on the JewSurf Jwall to reach your community and get more people attending your event. Posting your event on the JewSurf Jwall is absolutely free and is a great way of reaching the Jewish community and other people in your area. You can post your event on the Jwall by choosing the country, region and city your event is in, and then selecting “events” as the category. If your event is online and does not have a physical location you can post it by selecting the country and event category to reach everyone in that time zone. When posting about your event, make sure you include all the essential information so readers can decide quickly whether the event is suitable for them. Essential information includes: the date and location of the event, the start and finish time of the event, whom the event is suitable for (adults, families, couples etc), and if the event is ticketed or free (and letting them know how they can purchase tickets if it is ticketed). Missing out on any of this information will leave the read confused and consequently disinterested. Try to make your event sound as exciting and/or interesting as possible. Highlight the main attractions of the event and paint a picture for the potential attendee of the great time they will have if they come along. For example, if you are hosting a networking event, instead of writing “Networking event for small business owners at X location, nibbles provided.”, write “Create invaluable connections at our local small business networking event! Meet like-minded people over biscuits and coffee and plan your next professional step. Join us at X location for a friendly and professional evening.” These two sentences provide the same information, but the second one sounds like a much better event. You can include an image and/or YouTube link on your Jwall post, and doing so can really make your event stand out. Saying your outdoor concert is going to be an upbeat afternoon of jazz at the park is not as effective as showing an enticing photo of the park, or giving your potential attendees a taste of your music with a music video of one of your songs. You can show additional credibility by linking your event website on the post. If you do not have a website for your event, linking to a Facebook event is another good option. By having the event on Facebook it encourages the reader to click “going” and share that information with their friends, making more and more people aware of your event. You can also look more professional by having some information about your organization in your JewSurf profile. You can put anything in your “about” section, including links to websites. Once you have posted your event, make sure to check on the post every day or so to see if anyone has asked any questions about the event. Responding to these questions quickly makes you seem organized and professional, and will help other potential attendees that have the same question. When posting your event, try to imagine yourself as a reader who has never heard about your event before. What would you need to know? What would entice you to attend? Answer these questions and you are sure to create the best post possible. Sharing your event on JewSurf is free and easy, so get posting!
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