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Jewish Knowhow — How to Find a Job Online

Are you looking for a new job? Many employers now choose to post job openings online so that they can reach a wide variety of candidates. As job ads are now viewed and applied for by so many people, you need to be discerning when seeking a job online and appear to be a strong candidate when you do apply. A great way to find your next employer online is to take a look at the job listings on our Jwall. To find work in your town, you can search via country, region, and city, and then just select “jobs” as the category. If you are happy to relocate for work, you can also search by only country and category to cast your net wide for potential work opportunities. Once you have found a job you are interested in, make sure you put your best foot forward when you make initial contact with the person who has posted the job offer. In a brief and friendly message, inform the employer why you are a good candidate for the job: highlight your relevant experience and any personal attributes that make you a desirable employee. Be proactive and ask them if they have an email address for you to send a resume and cover letter. If they included an email address in their initial post, email them what they have asked for and then send them a friendly personal message on JewSurf. This lets them know that you are very interested in the job, and they will remember this nice interaction with you when they read your resume later. Send a resume that shows your relevant experience and a personalized cover letter. It is really important that you write a new cover letter for every job that you apply for. Employers can smell a generic cover letter from a mile away, and all it shows them is that you are applying for a lot of jobs without really considering if you will be a good fit for the role. If you know anything about the workplace you are applying for, try to include that in your cover letter as well. A small compliment about the business never goes unnoticed by the employer either! If you do not find a job listing on the Jwall for the type of work you are interested in, you can instead put up a post yourself saying that you are seeking work in a particular industry. You should list your qualifications and briefly mention your experience in the industry to get potential employers interested in contacting you. These kinds of posts are suitable for the “jobs” category and can still be filtered by location. When applying for a job online, you need to make sure that you are speaking with a genuine employer. If you are interested in one of the jobs posted on the Jwall, be sure to verify the identity of your potential employer. You can do this by connecting with them on an external website such as LinkedIn or Facebook, or by taking your conversation away from the private message feature of JewSurf and into an email exchange with an identifiable company email. Doing so shows that you are serious and helps protect you from fraud. If you secure an in-person interview, put in the effort to make yourself stand out. Dress appropriately for the job (too formal is better than too casual), research the company, and practice answering standard interview questions. It shows care and consideration if you also come with a couple of questions for the employer about the work environment. If you do find a new role through a post on the Jwall and end up leaving an old job for a new one, perhaps suggest to your old employer to post a job ad on JewSurf! Happy job hunting!
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