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The Hebrew University

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is Israel's first university and a symbol of the cultural rebirth of the Jewish nation in its ancestral homeland. Founded by such luminaries of the twentieth century as Martin Buber, Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud, the University has become a multidisciplinary institution of higher learning and research, as well as a scientific center of international repute. In 2005, Israel's Council for Higher Education ranked the Hebrew University as the nation's #1 university on a scale of "academic excellence."

Today, 24,000 students, from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds, study on the University's four campuses, including some 1,200 visitors from abroad and new immigrants, who have come to its Rothberg International School to pursue degrees or earn credits for transfer. The School has become an international arena, a magnet that attracts students from around the world.

They converge here to find intellectual challenge, religious bonds, political analysis and cultural activity.

In the hallways of the School you will hear English spoken in the accents of New York, New England and the Deep South, of Britain, Australia and South Africa. You will hear the sounds of Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Polish, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Korean and Japanese reverberate in the Rothberg International School. The Hebrew University brings all these students, from over 50 countries, together in Jerusalem to share a common experience in Hebrew - their new common language. 

Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, is well known for its abundant historical and holy sites and fascinating tourist attractions. A city sacred to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Jerusalem is a melding of past and present, of ancient roots and modern innovations. In addition, this thriving metropolis is rich in art galleries and museums, theaters and concert halls, restaurants and cafes, pubs and dance clubs. Exciting festivals, exhibitions, international conferences, sports competitions and many other special events are held throughout the year. 

From the hilltop of the Mount Scopus campus, through the windows of the classrooms and dormitories of the Hebrew University, the incredible panorama of Jerusalem unfolds, confirming the Talmudic statement: "Of the ten measures of beauty allotted to the world, nine were given to Jerusalem." 

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