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Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel's oldest university. In 1924 the doors of a small Jewish technical university were opened for the first time to train young men and women in the Middle East in engineering. This small happening triggered a magnificent and historic chain reaction. The doors were also opened on that day to the nascent Israel's first and strategically most important center of advanced learning. This in turn opened the door to the founding of a modern state.

After that came breathtaking expansion and progress. The doors were opened to rapid growth and dedicated pioneering at the forefront of new technologies, where creative individuals continually anticipate the needs of emerging technologies and science. 
Today, Technion is a city of advanced research and learning. As Israel's largest and leading scientific-technological university and one of the leading centers of research in the world, it is a powerhouse of opportunities for shaping a future.

Technion's 13,000 students enjoy a 400 acre modern campus, 18 faculties, with 49 undergraduate and 65 graduate programs. For graduate and postgraduate students, the Technion offers world-class research in engineering, science, medicine, architecture, education, and management. Technion City of today has a superb range of outreach programs that promote science and technology for young people. These include science contests for high school students and summer science programs that attract gifted youngsters from across the world, as well as programs helping to bridge via education, socio-economic gaps within Israel's society. 

Technion graduates are the backbone and the driving force behind Israel's flourishing high-tech industry. They are the decision-makers in government, academia and the defense establishment. 

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