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Bar-Ilan University

Bar-Ilan University is the second largest university in Israel, with a student population of approximately 31,700 at the main campus in Ramat Gan, and at the four regional colleges operating under its auspices - in the Jordan Valley, in Safed, in the western Galilee and in Ashkelon. 

The university regards the sacred principles of Judaism as the manifestation of the Jewish people's uniqueness, in accordance with the principles defined upon its establishment. The university's basic roles include supporting the safeguarding of these principles out of love and with the purpose of training and producing scholars, researchers and men of science knowledgeable in the Torah and imbued with the original Jewish spirit and love of one's brethren.

The university cultivates and combines Jewishidentity and tradition with modern technologies and research. Instilling the fundamentals of Jewish heritage through basic Jewish studies, the Jesselson Institute for Advanced Torah Studiesand other activities, while offering high-level academic studies and the development of advanced research within the framework of faculties, departments and research centers, renders the university unique. 
Aiming to excel in research, in recent years Bar-Ilan University has placed major emphasis on expanding its research activities and advanced studies, by substantially increasing the number of research students via Presidential and other scholarships. The university has also developed unique interdisciplinary study programs and has intensified research and instruction in fields that are at the forefront of sciences, such as computational biology, biotechnology, nanotechnology and more. 

The 24,500 students registered at the university and its colleges, hailing from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds, study together harmoniously in classrooms, laboratories and libraries, and thus Bar-Ilan University contributes to tolerance and coexistence between religious and secular, and Arab and Jewish students. 

Since it inception, Bar-Ilan University has been aware of the complexity of Israeli society and its fundamental difficulties, and has taken steps to strengthen its involvement in the community by establishing branches (which, over the years, have become colleges) throughout the country. The university has thus brought academia to the periphery, and has supplied psychological and legal services to populations in need by granting scholarships to underprivileged students, by opening study programs for Bachelor's degrees, for the religious Orthodox community and more. For more information go to: 

With the help of its friends and supporters worldwide, the university continues to serve as a "beacon of light", as pledged in its founding charter, and opens its gates to applicants from Israel and around the globe. 

Approximately 88,000 Bar-Ilan University alumni hold key positions in society, as well as in the public domain, in leading economic and security sectors, infusing the spirit of Jewish values, Jewish morals, intellectual values, ideological moderation and commitment to the community, which they have acquired at the university - in their respective domains and areas of activity. 

Bar-Ilan University: a unique community of scientists who conduct themselves in accordance with the Jewish tradition, investing their energy and efforts into the integration of the old with the new, the ancient with the modern, the sacred with the mundane, the spiritual with the scientific. 

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